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Welcome to Romance Author - AC Williams

I’m delighted to welcome AC Williams to my blog.

Hello Alan – Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat today. It’s been wonderful connecting with you through The Romantic Novelists’ Association - such a fabulous group of novelists, writers, and affiliates. But before we discover more about your latest romance, Moonlight Rising, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers and followers an insight into some of the things that matter to you.

Arabella: We all love the creativity of writing – otherwise we wouldn’t spend hours at a keyboard pounding away in the hope someone will read and enjoy our novels. But what do you like most about our craft?

The editing and proofreading, the author/reader relationship, promotional book signings, or is there something else that has you hooked to the world of books?

Alan: Thanks Arabella, especially for allowing me to share my passion for writing with you and your followers. What excites me is the magic of creating my imaginary world and sharing my characters’ adventures with others. Writing is such a personal pursuit, lonely too, but to then be privileged to have others share my creations is so special and humbling. To take an idea or a character and make she or he come alive is magic in the full meaning of the word.


Arabella: Who or what inspired you to write your latest release, Moonlight Rising?

Alan: The editor at My Weekly suggested a trilogy involving a female detective or secret agent and we discussed scenarios. I’ve lived around Manchester for 18 years and could place my story there. Also, my lovely wife was born there and was a croupier in the early days of casinos. To have my protagonist, Jane Summers (aka Moonlight) reluctantly become involved in the espionage scene and MI5 and follow her tentative steps as a croupier in a suspect casino is the start of Jane’s dangerous journey growing up. To give her a family too and use the excitement in the early sixties was a perfect combination to me.

Arabella: Some authors cannot work without a business planner, others cannot write without an editing app…  Are there any “essentials” you need to help your writing move forward?

Alan: I do use a programme called Novel Factory which allows me to have a photo of my choice in the character screen. That brings a sense of reality to my imaginary characters. Other than that, no. I literally make the book up as I go along sitting on my settee in the salon of our French home, usually with the telly on. No written plans at all and only a vague idea of the progression and end result. If I wake up one day and decide to introduce a major character on a whim then I do it. So, I guess the main essential is my very vivid, quirky imagination.

Arabella: An Indian Curry, Italian Paste Bake, Fish and Chips, or ______?

Alan: Definitely Chish and Fips. As take ways and that dish are few and far between in rural France, I enjoy indulging myself when back in the UK. Not a fan of French food even though we’ve been here 13 years.

Arabella: If the person of your dreams, (husband/wife/partner/or superstar), were to take you out for the night, where would they take you and what would you do?

Alan: Tough one. A restaurant with friends and family back in the UK. Just chatting and catching up would be perfect (along with the Chish and Fips of course).

Arabella: Do you have any great writing, publishing, or marketing tips you would like to share with “want-to-be” authors starting out on their writing journey?

Alan: Perseverance but I suppose all authors would say that. Same with dealing with rejections.

My advice would be to believe in yourself. I started with womag (women’s magazines) short stories incorporating fantasy into my magazine stories for That’s Life Australia, and eventually felt confident enough to try a novel. You might not get it right first time but learn from your mistakes and keep trying to develop your skills. If you have a story that screams at you to be told then do it.


Alan – It was great having you as a guest on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat and I hope your readers and followers have enjoyed learning a little bit more about you and your experiences when writing romantic stories for magazines.

Whenever I’m next in the supermarket or at a train station kiosk amid the tabloids, weekly periodicals, and glossy magazines, I’ll certainly keep an eye out for your name on the sleek covers displayed on the shelves.

Best wishes for any future releases,



About  Alan C. Williams

Alan is a widely published Australian author, concentrating mainly on women’s magazines where he pushes the boundaries way past ‘boy meets girl’ love stories. He has had over fifty short stories published in Australia’s That’s Life. Since 2012, he’s sold stories published in Ireland, Canada and Britain where he is also a regular contributor to Take a Break magazine.

His tales cover crime, fantasy, science fiction, romance and thrillers, usually set in the here and now.

In the past three years, Alan has chosen to include novels in his writing repertoire, selling, at time of this publication, ten novels set in England, America and Australia. They have been distributed and sold country-wide as paperbacks throughout Britain and Australasia. To date, five of these are available in libraries worldwide in large print published by Linford Romance.

2020 might have been a difficult year for us all in many ways but Alan has had the following published; a short story collection ‘The Rain, The Park and Other Things’ by Ginninderra Press in Australia.  Additionally, four My Weekly Novels and four Linford Romance books.

He had vowed never to write a western but recently ‘accidentally’ wrote Love in the Golden Sun- a bushranger story set in the Australian colonies. It will be published in Jan 2021.

Despite being both male and Australian, he is a member of the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) and the RWA (Romance Novelists of Australia). It seems that, like many of his stories, the impossible is possible after all.

Alan is a retired Science teacher and Financial Services Manager, currently exiled and living in France, residing in a 17th century stone farmhouse with his long-suffering wife, Anne, and maniacal cat, Zorro. 

His continuing writing story can be found at


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Blurb  Moonlight Rising 

Jane had always loved the puzzles set by her Bletchley Park code-breaker aunt. But in 1963 following the chaos caused by Kim Philby’s defection, was she ready to become a secret agent herself, taking on the glamorous cover role of a casino croupier?

Could she resist the potential lethal attraction of a fellow agent and outwit the enemies her feisty spirit made on the way?

This My Weekly Pocket Novel was for sale from Sept 17th 2020 for 2 weeks.

If you subscribe to Readly, you can catch up with Moonlight Rising along with my previous novel, Green Skies at Night, on there. 

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Westbury by Arabella Sheen - EXCERPT 5



A Traditional Regency Romance

Arabella Sheen

Can Miss Georgina Morton surrender her independence and accept the Duke’s love?

Miss Georgina Morton, at the age of four-and-twenty, with a modest annual income of four hundred pounds, believes she has no need of a husband and can manage quite nicely without one. Yet within a matter of weeks, she’s betrothed to Giles Glentworth, the Sixth Duke of Westbury, and bound for Regency London.
Set in rural Wiltshire and elegant, fast-paced London...a runaway ward, a shooting at midnight, and a visit to fashionable Almack’s, are only a few of the adventures Georgina enjoys while falling for the Corinthian charms of the Duke.

Chapter Two    Excerpt 5     continued…

March 1814 – An Exchange of Confidences
Avebury, Wiltshire, England

After spending more than a se’nnight in one another’s company, Georgina began winning Abigail’s trust, and a friendship developed between the two young ladies. They often went into the village on some pretext to collect items such as fresh ink and parchment for Mr Morton. And they were frequently to be seen in the book shop, browsing through the latest editions of novels sent over from Marlborough.
It was during one of these visits that Georgina was questioned by Mrs Blagden about Abigail. Mrs Blagden was the village gossip, and took great delight in knowing everyone’s business.
“Good morning, Georgina,” Mrs Blagden nodded her head in greeting. “So nice to see you.”
Georgina curtsied, and Abigail followed suit.
“And it’s lovely to see you too, Mrs Blagden. We thought we would take advantage of the fine weather and enjoy a stroll.”
"Yes, it is always pleasant to call at the vicarage, is it not?” Mrs Blagden replied with a smile. “The vicar’s wife offers a delicious tea. Wonderful cakes and sweetmeats. But who is ‘we’, Georgina? You must introduce me to your pretty new friend, for I’m sure we have not met before.”
Abigail did indeed look extremely attractive today.
Pettit and elegant, she wore one of Georgina’s dresses, and her curly hair, the shade of light-coloured corn, framed her face charmingly beneath a straw bonnet.
In her hasty flight from her cousin’s abode, Abigail had left Bath with only two carpet bags as luggage―neither of which, in Georgina’s opinion, had contained clothing suited for country life in rural Avebury.
Three evening dresses had been packed. One was adorned with black pearl droplets and a delicate cream lace frill. There was also a ball gown, edged with a sparkling glass bead trim, and several pairs of matching dance slippers; all of which Abigail had considered essential until London was reached and a decent dressmaker could be found.
However, Georgina, realising none of these items could be worn with any great comfort about the house or on walks into the village, had offered Abigail the use of several dresses she no longer wore.
Mrs Blagden was still patiently waiting for an introduction and there was an awkward moment of silence as Georgina realised she had yet to discover Abigail’s full name.
And she couldn’t make the introductions without knowing it. Could she?
Georgina decided to keep things simple. The less she told Mrs. Blagden, the less likelihood something would be revealed that ought not to be.
Catching a look of fear in Abigail’s eyes, Georgina realised Abigail was also worried her identity would be discovered.
Linking arms with her new friend, Georgina smiled confidently. “Abigail has been staying with us for some time. I’m surprised you have not met before. Dear Papa says she is just the thing for me. A tonic. And she has brightened my spirits enormously. I was feeling quite low and out of sorts until Abigail came to Avebury. The winter months are so confining, do you not think so, Mrs Blagden? But now that spring is almost here, it’s as if a weight has been lifted. I do so love the sunshine―do you not?”
Mrs Blagden was led off on a tangent. And after the merits of the weather and the seasons were discussed at length, Georgina and Abigail politely took their leave as soon as they could, without causing offence.
Throughout this encounter, the secret of Abigail’s identity had been maintained.
“Thank you, Georgina,” said Abigail with immense relief. They were out of earshot of Mrs Blagden, and the anxiety of the moment was over. “Now I know I can trust you. You are indeed a true friend, and I’m grateful beyond words for everything you have done for me. You could so easily have told Mrs. Blagden you had no idea who I am, and that we have only just become acquainted. Not many people would lie for me and keep my secret.”
Georgina shook her head and said, “But I did not lie. I just never told Mrs. Blagden the whole truth, because it’s a fact…I don’t know your real identity.”
When the two of them realised just how incredulous this sounded, they burst into a fit of girlish giggles.
“Oh, Georgina, you have been so good and kind to me. You have truly become my dearest of friends.”
“And I believe you too have indeed become a friend of mine. One that I shall value when this is all over and you have at last told me who you really are.”
“One day I promise it will happen. But for now, would you mind terribly if I stayed at Rose Hill a little longer? Just until it’s safe for me to contact my Great Aunt Wilhelmina and tell her what has happened. I’m sure she would be willing to collect me when the time is right. It’s just that I fear, if I try to reach her now, someone...someone who I do not wish to name, might find me and take me back to Bath. And that is something I do not desire, at all.”
Georgina realised Abigail was just a young person finding her way in life, and knowing this, she was willing to help, and if need be, offer what little guidance she could.
“Of course, you can stay with us.” Georgina said. “We love having you here. It makes a change to have someone to talk to about things other than books and politics, which is generally all my father will discuss with me. So, yes, I would love for you to be at Rose Hill until you need to leave. But I hope you realise your leaving must happen sometime.”
“I know I need to leave at some point but hopefully not yet.”

Disclaimer, Copyrights and Publishing
Any names or characters have no existence outside the imagination of the
author or are used fictitiously, and actual events are purely coincidental.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, copied,
stored in a retrieval system known or hereinafter invented, without
written permission of the publisher.

Copyright © 2019 by – Arabella Sheen
Published by priceplacebooks

All rights reserved.
ISBN 978-0-9575698-4-3

About Arabella Sheen

Arabella Sheen

Arabella Sheen is a British author of contemporary romance and likes nothing more than the challenge of starting a new novel with fresh ideas and inspiring characters.
One of the many things Arabella loves to do is to read. And when she’s not researching or writing about romance, she is either on her allotment sowing and planting with the seasons or she is curled on the sofa with a book, while pandering to the demands of her attention-seeking cat.
Having lived and worked in the Netherlands as a theatre nurse for nearly twenty years, she now lives in the south-west of England with her family.
Arabella hopes her readers have as much pleasure from her romance stories as she has in writing them.

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Welcome to RomCom Author - Sandy Barker


I’m delighted to welcome Sandy Barker to my blog.

Sandy Barker - Author


Hello Sandy – It was lovely to connect with you through the Romantic Novelists' Association and I have been looking forward to hosting you on Arabella's Blog and Chit-Chat. But before we discover more about your latest release, The Christmas Swap, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers and followers an insight into some of the things that matter to you.

Arabella: You’ve got an idea for a story but it has yet to take shape. Where do you start? Do you concentrate on the location in the story, or developing the characters personalities, or are there other key points you might consider?

Sandy: All my books are travel romances, so I typically start with the location (somewhere I’ve visited or lived), and then I consider who should go there and how they will be transformed by their time there. Once I have the basic framework and know who is going where, I let the idea percolate until I can imagine the characters in the location ― almost like watching a film. I typically have a basic outline of the story and detailed character outlines when I start writing ― from there, anything is possible and I am frequently surprised by my characters’ actions.

Arabella: In your latest release The Christmas Swap what is the overall theme or premise, and what made you choose this topic?

Sandy: I really wanted to write a Christmas book as it’s my favourite holiday and I started thinking back over the Christmases I’ve had, particularly those in the US and the UK, which are quite different from the hot Christmases we enjoy here in Australia. Once I had the spark of the idea, that three friends who live in three different countries would swap Christmases, the characters started forming in my head ― each distinct and each with a different feeling about the holiday. Lucy from the UK is desperate for a proper white Christmas, so is enticed by a trip to Colorado. Jules from Colorado is over the freezing winters and jumps at the chance of a hot Christmas in Melbourne, and Chloe is keen to swap her orphans’ ―

her parents are going on a cruise ― for a traditional British Christmas in a sleepy English village. And, of course, as I write romcoms, hilarity and romance follow.

Arabella: Trainers, Slippers or High-Heels?

Sandy: I’ve been in lockdown for the better part of six months and over the cold months, so slippers or Uggs are the norm. I’d love a reason to put on some heels and hit the town ― maybe soon. I am also a bit of a gym junkie ― exercise is my therapy ― so it’s trainers most days too.


Arabella: You’re stuck in a lift and it’s a two-hour wait before a pain-free extraction. What emergency rations would you like to be sent down the lift shaft?

Sandy: My Kindle and a proper coffee. Maybe a cushion.


Arabella: You’ve arranged to meet up with friends and family for an afternoon of fun. Where do you go and what do you do?

Sandy:  We go to a winery and sit in the sun, tasting and sipping wine, and grazing on antipasto and cheese while enjoying the view.


Arabella: The moment we are published, a career path is usually envisaged. Do you have any aspirations or ambitions for yourself and any future novels you might write?

Sandy: I work fulltime in adult education and, though I love it, I love writing even more so I am working towards being a fulltime author. The Christmas Swap is my 4th book, and I have just finished writing my 5th and have started my 6th, both in the Holiday Romance series. I have the final book in that series planned out and an idea for a few stand-alones too. There’s a fairy-tale I wrote as a short story years ago that I’d love to write as a novel and my (author) friend and I have a great idea for a dark contemporary thriller. I think that once I am a fulltime author, I can branch out into other genres.


Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, Sandy. I too have a soft spot for Uggs when lounging about the house.

All the best for your latest release - The Christmas Swap




About Sandy Barker


Sandy Barker - Author

Sandy is a writer, traveller and hopeful romantic with a lengthy bucket list, and many of her travel adventures have found homes in her novels. She’s also an avid reader, a film buff, a wine lover and a coffee snob. She lives in Melbourne Australia with her partner, Ben, who she met while travelling in Greece. Their real-life love story inspired Sandy’s debut novel One Summer in Santorini, the first in the Holiday Romance series with One More Chapter, an imprint of HarperCollins. The Christmas Swap, Sandy’s fourth novel is a stand-alone and celebrates her favourite time of year.


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Book Blurb:  The Christmas Swap


Christmas is coming and best friends Chloe, Jules, and Lucy are needing change… so swapping homes for the holidays could be the perfect present for all of them!

Australian Chloe spends her Christmas in a sleepy village in Oxfordshire, England. She is totally star-struck when she discovers who lives across the road.

Lucy, who has jetted off to snowy Colorado for her dream-come-true white Christmas, is taken into the fold of Jules’s loud and brash family, discovering more about herself in a few short days than she has in years.

And Jules leaves the cold climes of Colorado to spend her Christmas on a beach with Chloe’s friends in Melbourne, finding that time away is just what she needed.

Release dates: Oct 16 (ebook) Nov 26 (print)


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A Gentleman in Love - Arabella Sheen - EXCERPT 2



A Gentleman in Love

Arabella Sheen


A Christmas wedding and a growing passion. Will a political scandal destroy their love?

Desperate to exonerate her family name of any wrongdoing, Shelby Chesterfield gate-crashes the Foreign Office Christmas party to ask her father’s accuser for help. When Ambassador Samuel Hardwick refuses to cooperate, Shelby is determined to ruin his diplomatic career any way she can, and a chance to do so arrives sooner than she expected.

Caught in a passionate embrace, Shelby puts Sam on the spot and tells journalists they’re engaged. But her plan backfires when Sam turns the tables on her.

Sam wants no commitment to anything or anyone except his career. But when his best friends are killed in a violent terrorist attack, leaving their daughter orphaned and in his care, he has the daunting task of finding a wife and substitute mother, or he will risk losing his newly acquired ward into the foster care system. With time running out, when Shelby asks for help to clear her father’s name in a political scandal, Sam offers support in exchange for a Christmas wedding.

The trouble is…Shelby knows about his ongoing affair with Lady Donna Ruston.

Can Shelby and Sam work together to achieve their goals, or is their winter romance fated to fail before it’s begun?

Content Warning: contains sensual love scenes


Chapter 1



Sam was the man who had ruined her life. In ruining her father’s career and shaming her family, he had ultimately destroyed her very existence. Her engagement to Edgar Parker had been canceled, and any chance of happiness she thought she might have had for the future had been spoilt by Sam’s callous, cold-hearted actions.

She wanted revenge. Not just for herself, but mostly for her family.

Time was of the essence. Sam was due to fly back to America, and once there, Shelby knew he would be out of reach. As an ambassador to the British Embassy, he would be off-limits to members of the public, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get to him. Red tape and office staff would make it impossible for them to speak, so tonight was her only chance for a showdown.

Deciding now was the time to act, Shelby glanced stealthily over her shoulder to see if the coast was clear, and with no one to stop her, she set about putting her plan into action. Taking strong, confident strides, she crossed the great expanse of the room, determined to reach Sam’s side unhindered. And she did.

An immense sense of achievement came over her, and then daringly, and with more nerve than she could have imagined, she slipped her arm possessively through his. She was behaving as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to cling to him. But it wasn’t. She would rather be anywhere but where she was at that moment.

Trying to ignore Lady Donna, Shelby smiled coolly up into Sam’s dark gray eyes, and said, “I’m so pleased I caught you before you went into dinner. I thought I might have missed you.”

Shelby felt Sam stiffen. There was an instant glint of recognition shining in his eyes, and it was a relief to know he wasn’t going to create a scene. And then, with lightning speed, she saw him recover from her unexpected appearance, and a mask of indifferent coolness came down, covering his face as his guard went up.

Sam smiled, but it wasn’t exactly a smile of welcome. It was more a smile of polite caution. She waited, expecting a verbal backlash to come, or the disdainful flick of a finger to signal security to carry her off, but they didn’t.

Sam was obviously practiced in the art of maintaining a poker face, and Shelby supposed he had to be. Attending diplomatic events, he had to know what to do in dangerous situations when a stranger approached. As an ambassador, Sam always had to be on the alert, and Shelby knew he could handle himself without any problem, but she was surprised he hadn’t called for help.

She wasn’t supposed to be at the party, yet Sam was acting as if it was the most natural thing for her to be standing at his side.

“Oh…there could be no chance of us ever missing one another. And I’m sure that at some point during the evening our paths would have crossed.”

Shelby’s heart skipped another beat. The deep resonance in his voice stirred her, yet she knew she had to stay calm. She had to remain composed, and she couldn’t allow herself to succumb to his charm…that would be her undoing.

It was illogical, and even though she was still lamenting the loss of what might have been with Edgar, she couldn’t help her physical reaction to Sam. She was sexually drawn to him and always had been.

When she had first met Sam, she’d been an innocent teenager with a secret crush. She’d felt an instant attraction toward him and had admired him from afar. But any urges of desire she now felt were anything but innocent, and she had to banish them from her thoughts. She couldn’t allow her emotions and impulses to get out of control…especially tonight.

Sam Hardwick, at the age of thirty-two, was one of the most handsome specimens of manhood she had ever known. And this evening, dressed in a full tuxedo that showed his superb muscular physique to perfection, he could once again set her pulse rate soaring.

He radiated power and energy. The chiseled lines of his strong jaw, and the way his dark gray, piercing eyes looked directly into her very soul, commanded immediate attention and respect.

Even though Shelby had come to resent Sam, against her will, she had to admire him for who he was, and for what he had become. He had worked long and hard to get where he was, and she was in awe of the diplomatic accomplishments he’d achieved in such a short but eventful career.

Her father often spoke of Sam, saying that as a young student, he had studied relentlessly, and worked even harder to get where he was. She’d been told his education had been funded by scholarships and grants, and that although he’d had a tough start in life, he’d made it through the system with honors. Sam’s integrity and honesty had allowed him to reach heights in the diplomatic world that others could only dream of.

And now, after having climbed the social ladder, he was also accepted by society’s elite with open arms. The upper classes welcomed him into their homes, and into their lives. Some women even welcomed him into their hearts, and into their beds. And at the moment, a rumor was rife in the tabloids that it was Lady Donna Ruston who was his current mistress and held his interest.

With money and connections, it was possible to achieve anything and go anywhere, and Sam Hardwick had done those things in abundance, and Shelby hated him for it.

Excusing himself, Sam stepped away from Lady Donna and pulled Shelby to one side, and away from his group of friends.

“What are you doing here?” he whispered.

Sam had leaned down toward her. He was so close that she could smell the soft tang of his aftershave as his cheek brushed inadvertently against hers.

“I’m gate-crashing the party of course.” She forced a bright smile. “How else am I supposed to find an opportunity to talk with you? These days you’re an impossible man to reach. I’ve tried contacting you at your office, but your secretary keeps fobbing me off with some excuse. And I won’t allow you to walk away from the situation you’ve created. Not after the devastation you’ve caused.”

Several people were looking curiously in their direction, but they weren’t close enough to hear what she had whispered through clenched teeth. Shelby merely smiled and tried to look serene as she ignored the inquisitive stares.

Tonight, Shelby intended to demand the help she thought she deserved. Somehow, she had to get Sam to clear her father’s name and right an injustice that had been done before he left London and returned to the States.

The tight, steely grip of Sam’s fingers on her arm caught her unaware, and as he pulled her with dogged determination to one side of the crowded room, she wanted to protest but didn’t. His rough touch burned her arm. Branding her. But she didn’t care. At least she had managed to gain his full attention. She’d become a thorn in his flesh, and that was good, because now she couldn’t be ignored.

Sam was all of six-foot-two inches, and he towered above her. He was staring down with controlled anger etched on his face, and Shelby was aware that a feeling of unease was beginning to grow deep inside her. Perhaps she’d bitten off more than she could chew.

With her heart thumping hard against her ribcage, she was having second thoughts, wondering if this was the right time or place to confront him. It was a social event, a Christmas party, and not the best place to present her plan to him, but Shelby realized she had to at least make an attempt. She knew it was her only course of action if she were to save her father.

There was an inflexible, fiery glint of steel burning in Sam’s eyes, and his temper was showing.

“Is this some sort of joke?” Sam practically spat the words at her. “What’s this about? And why are you here…at the Foreign Office?”

Shelby could see the throb of his pulse beating along his jaw. He was fuming.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“About what?”

“About my father.”

“No, we don’t,” he replied. “That business was dealt with in the courts and judgement was passed. We sat in the courtroom and heard the verdict. Remember? The problem is over and done with.”

But for Shelby, it wasn’t over.

A few months ago, her father had worked as a senior official for the government, and his department, which he’d been head of, had been accused of leaking secret documents. Sam had led the internal investigation, and when the allegations were made official, and charges brought, the public humiliation her father had endured had taken its toll.

Henry Chesterfield had become a broken man.

Unable to cope with the dishonor and shame, her father had crumpled, and he’d become a shell of the man he’d once been. Over time he’d lost the will to challenge his accusers and fight for his name. But Shelby hadn’t lost hope. She was determined to clear her family’s name of the shame and scandal that had been wrongly inflicted upon them.

In Shelby’s eyes, Sam Hardwick—a man she had once greatly admired—was the villain. He was the arch-enemy. And if Sam wouldn’t help her, she was going to destroy him any way she could. If he refused to help, she was going to cause such a scandal that not only would it ruin Sam socially, it would also obliterate his diplomatic career—forever. 

A Gentleman in Love
Copyright © 2020, Arabella Sheen
ISBN: 9781949300642
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.
Electronic Publication: September 2020
Editor: Pamela Tyner
Cover: Fantasia Frog Designs

eBooks are not transferable. No part of this book may be used or reproduced without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations in articles and reviews.

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


About Arabella Sheen

Arabella Sheen

Arabella Sheen is a British author of contemporary romance and likes nothing more than the challenge of starting a new novel with fresh ideas and inspiring characters.
One of the many things Arabella loves to do is to read. And when she’s not researching or writing about romance, she is either on her allotment sowing and planting with the seasons or she is curled on the sofa with a book, while pandering to the demands of her attention-seeking cat.
Having lived and worked in the Netherlands as a theatre nurse for nearly twenty years, she now lives in the south-west of England with her family.
Arabella hopes her readers have as much pleasure from her romance stories as she has in writing them.

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Welcome to Romance Author - AC Williams

I’m delighted to welcome AC Williams to my blog. Hello Alan – Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat today. It’s been ...