Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Night On The Town...

As a contender for the 2017 RNA - New Writers' Scheme - Joan Hessayon Award, I have had an absolutely amazing experience. Whilst visiting the capital, we toured the sights, stayed in a wonderful hotel, and of course...attended the RNA's NWS - #JoanHessayonAwards and #SummerParty.

First and foremost I would like to thank all those involved in organising the event. To the judges of the nominated novels, to the admin workers, social media promotors, and the meet and greet name-tag ladies on the door, etc...a big thank you. You made the evening special and a night to remember.

In total, there were eleven of us, and it was lovely to connect with follow contenders:
Victoria Cornwall
Kate Field
Terri Fleming
Jen Gilroy
Morton S Gray
Vivien Hampshire, Author
April Hardy
Emily Kerr
Abbey MacMunn
Lynda Stacey
Wishing you all much success with any books, novels or publication you write in the future.

Congratulation to Kate Field, winner of the Joan Hessayon Award with her debut novel, "The Magic of Ramblings." I hope there are many more of her manuscripts in the making.

And although I didn't return to Bristol with a shiny trophy to put on the mantel, I did however, come away with a sense that I had achieved something. I had achieved publication of my novel and was presented with an accolade...
The Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award 2017 Finalist certificate.

Well done to all of us!

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