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Welcome to RNA - NWS member - Susan Griffin

I’m delighted to welcome Susan Griffin, a New Writers’ Scheme member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, to my blog.

For those unfamiliar with the RNA - New Writers’ Scheme, the scheme offers unpublished writers the chance to network with fellow writers, agents and publishers…and includes many more membership benefits.

Hello Susan – Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, today. As we whizz through a few Questions & Answers, hopefully, readers and followers can gain insight into some of the things that matter to you as a writer. It's a chance for all of us to get to know you a little as you make your way towards the publication of your novel. So, let's get started... 😊

Arabella:  How did you hear about or discover: The Romantic Novelists’ Association - New Writers’ Scheme?

Susan: I heard about the RNA through Facebook, after connecting with other writers. From there I learnt about the New Writers Scheme, and immediately wanted to join, hoping it would help me improve my writing and have a better chance of finding a publisher.

Arabella:  What is your romance genre and why have you chosen this particular type of novel to write?

Susan:  My first book is an Edwardian Drama set against the backdrop of the Suffragette movement, and this has been self-published on Amazon. Since then I’ve written two more novels both of them time-slip. I’m drawn to this kind of book, because I love exploring how the past can impact on the present, and how the present day characters have to unravel the mystery of the past. This doesn’t mean to say that I will always write dual-timeline books; in fact I’m planning to write a contemporary novel next year.

Arabella:  When and where do you write? Early mornings when the world is still sleeping? Late afternoons when you’ve time to relax? Or other opportune moments…?

Susan:  I don’t have a regular time to write, as I fit it in around other things. But I do have a writing room, in fact I have two, one is our small study, and the other is a summerhouse. I alternate between the two places. I try not to write in the evenings though, otherwise I can’t sleep and am conjuring up plots in the middle of the night.

Arabella:  Do you have anyone supporting your writing endeavours? Friends, family, writing groups, etc?

Susan:  I belong to a writing group based around the Brighton area. We all met on Facebook mainly through the RNA, and we are all supportive of one another. We meet up around once a month, and are always there for each other on the writing journey.


Arabella:  Which season of the year do you most enjoy and why?

Susan:  I love the summer best as I love the outdoor life, and this also means I can sit in my summerhouse and write. Writing in the summerhouse makes me feel as if I’m still enjoying the sunshine and writing, so it’s a winning combination.

Arabella: Do you set yourself a daily/weekly word target?

Susan:  I don’t set myself a daily target but try to get a decent word count down. As well as being in the NWS I am now an Indie author, and will be launching one of my books in December. The Amethyst Necklace will be out on the 7th December and I’m currently writing the sequel to it, called Scarlett’s Story; which will be released early next year.


Arabella:  So…you are a member of the RNA’s – NWS which means you are in the throes of writing the next bestseller.

No spoilers and without revealing too much about your plot… (otherwise someone might pinch your great story ideas before they’ve been published… 😊 ) Tell us briefly about the romance you hope to submit to the RNA’s - New Writers’ Scheme for a friendly critique, before approaching an agent or publisher with your completed manuscript.

Susan:  A Short Blurb of the Romance I’ll be Submitting to the NWS in 2021…

Scarlett’s story is the sequel to The Amethyst Necklace and tells the story of Scarlett Cunningham, who as a child was affected by a Spanish flu epidemic, which swept the world in 1918 and hit East Sussex in the summer of that year. After finding herself an orphan at the age of nine, she grows up determined to escape her roots and live a better kind of life, while hiding her strange gift of second sight from the seeing eyes of the world.

When she meets wealthy shipping tycoon Eric Johnson, Scarlett is offered a way out of her bleak existence. She doesn’t love Eric but he is a kind man so she accepts his offer. The outbreak of WW2 brings a chance meeting with Eric’s son Frankie. And Scarlett immediately recognises the mysterious fair-haired stranger she’s been dreaming about since the age of sixteen.

My second dual-timeline book, The Man in the Painting, which features the famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning, is currently with publishers and agents. 

Thank you so much for sharing something about yourself and your writing journey with us, Susan. Best wishes for any NWS works in progress, and I hope your manuscripts find a home with the romance publisher of your dreams.


About  Susan Griffin

I love writing romance with a mystery at its heart, and weaving secrets of the past with the present. Being passionate about history means I use this passion to research my dual-timeline novels, and bring alive the past. I am also interested in how pioneering women have managed to overcome adversity, and how their role in life along the ages has changed. I feel as if story telling is what I was born to do and this is the driving force behind my writing.

My website can be found at:  


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