Monday, 24 April 2017

Gardening on the Allotment...

Gardening on the Allotment

Everyone knows it’s healthy to take time off and get away from life’s stresses and strains. And for me, my down time is gardening.
It’s not always possible, but whenever I get the chance, I’m off to the allotment. Even in the cold, chilly wind of a winter’s afternoon or in the blistering heat of high summer, there is always plenty to do on the plot. 
My method is to finish the 9 to 5 day job, then make a mad dash to the allotment where I retrieve the trowl and shovel from the shed, and make a start on the repetitive, yet relaxing tasks, of weeding and digging.
It’s amazing how invigorating this can be. Not only is it a social activity (there’s generally lots of people milling about on their plots), it’s also a time and a place when I can think about my writing.
Some writers go for a long walk with their dogs…me, I like to dig.

This afternoon the rewards of the planting are beginning to show and there has been an early crop of rhubarb ripe for the pulling.
Now to make the jam…

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