Thursday, 17 January 2019

A New Fur Friend...And An Amazing Sunset

There was a visitor knocking at the window. I love it when my fur-friends come calling...

This squirrel scaled the wall of the house and perched himself on a window sill three floors up. Brave little fellow. Obviously not afraid of heights.

He could have been hungry and the bird food in the garden tempted him to draw near; but whatever his reason for calling, he certainly made enough noise about it.

With a spate of cold weather predicted, and possible snow storms approaching, I've stocked up on bird fat balls, peanuts and seeds.

Are you giving your garden friends a helping hand?

In winter, squirrels are only active a few hours each day. They forage for food and often raid bird feeders hoping to find enough to feed themselves.

In January, the squirrels are beginning their gestation cycle and when their young are born in February, they too will start looking for food in March/April.

You don't have to buy special food for the squirrels, they will eat most nut sorts.
They also eat Cucumber, Broccoli, Carrots, Pears, and Apples.

Happy feeding...

A sad looking window box but the sunset was amazing...


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