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Temporary Bride by Arabella Sheen - Weekly Excerpt 3

Temporary Bride
Arabella Sheen

Max Jordan is one of America’s most powerful, leading corporate lawyers. He is also the major stockholder and head of the billion-dollar corporation - Jordan Diamond Empire.
Max must marry soon to keep the business safe and the company secure from a takeover.
Returning to England in search of the only woman he knows and trusts to help him in his moment of need - he tracks Amy down and asks her to marry him.

Amy Denver wants nothing to do with Max Jordan…and she certainly wants nothing to do with his marriage proposal. Five painful years have passed since Max disappeared from her life and a lot has happened to her in between. Amy has a secret she’d rather he didn’t discover…her secret is Jake…their son. Once again Amy finds herself surrendering to Max and his demands as he whisks her and Jake off to Waterfront, his private, secluded home in the Hamptons.

Excerpt continued...

Amy hadn’t realised Jordan Diamond Empire and Max were linked. It was a shock to her system and she was only just starting to put two and two together.
The jacket of Max’s dark business suit was open revealing the crisp white of his silk shirt and tie, and his hands were thrust deep into his trouser pockets. Tall, muscular and with wide, broad shoulders he practically filled the doorway.
Amy at five-seven in stockinged feet was considered to be quite tall, but she was nothing compared to the six-foot-two giant who was deliberately and unhurriedly advancing towards her.
She was standing near James and Max came to a stop when he reached the person he’d travelled all this way to see. He had found what he wanted…he had found Amy.
Slowly she dared to look up at him. In his eyes, she saw a glint of victory and something else…something that looked like an achievement…a triumph.
Amy’s felt fearful.
She was looking at a man she thought she would never see again and it was as if the years in between slipped away. As she looked at him, she was once more a young trainee law student at university and Max was a handsome newly-qualified lawyer from America.
She had been innocent, naïve and emotionally vulnerable and she had fallen totally and completely head-over-heels in love with him. She’d been such a fool and she had no idea how she could have been so mistaken all those years ago.
Max looked at her knowingly. He too was remembering those days.
He was the same man, but different. He had aged. They both had.
Looking closely at Max she could see he was beginning to grey slightly at the temples. Before, when she’d known him, his hair had been jet black. Now lines were etched on his face, but they were character lines that simply added to his charisma and charm.
Max Jordan was still a compelling and magnetic man and she could still feel the allure of his sexual magnetism. Stood before her was not the young lawyer she'd once known. Here was a dynamic man of the world.
Once he had been her world. Her life had revolved around him…and now…now she wanted absolutely nothing to do with Max.
James Martin’s voice broke the silence in the room.
“Max let me welcome you to our turf. It’s good to have you here. Everybody…allow me to introduce Max Jordan of Jordan Diamond. Max is here today to lend us his legal expertise in the Diablo case,” he said.
Going around the group James introduced Max to the team. Then it was Amy’s turn to be formally introduced.
James was ignorant of the fact that Amy had known Max before today. She had kept him in the dark about the relationship and she was now wondering if that had been a wise decision.
“Amy’s been with us quite some time. How long has it been Amy…three…four years?” James asked.
Amy didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer.
James had been talking about her, paying her compliments and telling Max how good she was at her job and all the time she hadn’t heard a word James had said. She had been staring at Max in total surprise and horror.
She was amazed he was here in this very room. She could even reach out and touch him if she wanted to…but she didn’t.
“Hello, Amy?” His deep drawl was still the same, just as she remembered. She hadn’t forgotten. She could never forget that sexy American accent.
Then before she realised what he intended to do, Max stepped forward and reached out to clasp her hand. Pulling her gently, but forcefully towards him, he planted a soft lingering kiss on her surprised, open lips.

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