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Welcome to Historical Suspense Author - June Davies

I’m delighted to welcome June Davies to my blog.

Hello June,
When asked for your genre(s), you answered you’re a: Historical romantic suspense and family sagas author. Wow! That’s quite a mouthful. But I must say it offers a wide range of interests and genres to choose from. Such a diverse field also makes for riveting and spellbinding reading.
Here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers an insight into some of the things that matter to you.

Arabella: How did you find your agent or publisher and what are their good points?
June:   My roots are in the dim, distant, old-fashioned world of typewriters and paper books! You typed your manuscript, packed it up into a large brown envelope, together with covering letter and s.a.e,, posted it – and hoped your story landed upon the desk of a publisher, agent or editor who found something worthwhile in your work!
Past and present, that’s pretty much how publishers, editors and I have come together. (communication is usually via email these days!) As for good points, our working together as a team to create the best story possible is paramount.

Arabella: Which do you prefer to wear: beach shorts and top, a long evening skirt and blouse, pyjamas and slippers?
June:   From those options, pj’s and slippers! But usually, I’d plump for comfortable shoes, walking trousers – with lots of pockets! – sweatshirt, and a big floppy hat!

(Blue suits you, June.) 💗😊

 Arabella: What inspired you to write your latest release, The Apothecary’s Daughter?
June:   That’s a tricky one, Arabella . . . Haworth, the hill-top Pennine village where the Brontë sisters lived and wrote, draws me in again and again whenever I’m walking in West Yorkshire.
Across the main street from the parsonage are the double-fronted premises of Haworth’s 19th century druggist. We’re told Branwell obtained his supplies of laudanum here, and here it was the sisters made purchases of soap, goods and remedies, saving the wrapping paper to write stories upon.
Although while writing The Apothecary’s Daughter, the Haworth druggist’s establishment wasn’t consciously in my thoughts, looking back, surely in some corner of my imagination it may have been an inspiration for Keziah Sephton’s family apothecary? 

Arabella: Are there any organisations, writing or reader groups, you belong to? And, how do they support or help you in creating such wonderful, inspirational novels?
June:   I’m a member of the RNA and the Society of Authors, and belong to From Story Idea to Reader, a closed Facebook group welcoming writers, whether they be experienced or just getting started.
Writing is a solitary occupation. Belonging to groups and organisations offers companionship; together with the sharing of mutual interests, information, experience; of practical, legal and general advice - together with the invaluable encouragement, help and support of fellow writers.

Arabella: A slice of Chocolate Cake, a piece of Fruit, or Burger and Fries?
June:   Fruit, every time!

Arabella: When writing a book or chapter, which is most important to you: plot, character, or setting?
June: I’d have to choose Character, but really it’s always a combination of all three.

Arabella: How do you research your novels and characters?
June: I love libraries!

Arabella: What advice would you give to someone who is starting out on their writing journey?
June:  Write every day! Even if it’s only a few lines or jotting down an idea – Just write!
Many thanks for inviting me onto your Blog and Chit-Chat, Arabella – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you and your readers!

June, Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat.
Your latest murder suspense sounds full of adventure and mystery, and I’m sure your readers can’t wait to discover if there’s to be true romance in Keziah’s life.
Best wishes and lots of happy-ever-after writing.

Arabella Sheen

About June Davies
June Davies was born in an old house overlooking the Lancashire coastline, and the seashore finds its way into many of her stories.
Sometimes, as in The Dog Star, the sea is a powerful force driving the inhabitants of 19th Century Monks Quay, while in other tales like In Destiny's Wake, it has a gentler presence, yet still influences the characters and their lives.
History has intrigued her since schooldays, and when as a mature student she read History at University of Liverpool, she says it was like being given a passport to travel through time!
June Davies writes historical romantic and family suspense, serials, short stories and stories for children --- She still lives within walking distance of the seashore.

June’s Social Media Links:

The Apothecary’s Daughter – Blurb - (released Jan 2019, Endeavour Media)
A wintry Yorkshire hill town in the 1800s; the arrival of a mysterious stranger from South Carolina, the disappearance of a precious family keepsake, an old tale about a hidden hoard of medieval treasure - and cold-blooded murder . . .

It’s been a long, harsh winter in the prosperous market town of Barrowby, where Keziah Sephton is busier than ever. As well as caring for three generations of her family in their tall, narrow home behind the apothecary, Keziah is coping alone with the responsibilities of running the apothecary while her father is tending fever victims at the local almshouse. She has neither thought nor time for romance.

Meanwhile, hardworking George Cunliffe has loved Keziah since they were youngsters. He’s torn between admiring Keziah’s selfless devotion to her family and impatience for them to spend more time together. When gallant Benedict Clay arrives at the apothecary claiming to be blood-kin, George is immediately suspicious of the soft-spoken Southern gentleman’s motives – and intensely jealous of his attentiveness towards Keziah.

However, the American is warmly welcomed by the Sephtons, gradually drawn into the very heart of the family – and into Keziah’s heart, also. But after her grandmother’s precious Book of Hours disappears, Keziah is tormented by treacherous doubts. Confronted by the dreadful consequences of greed and bitter resentment, Keziah is swiftly enmeshed in a shocking spiral of deception, betrayal, ruthless ambition – and cold-blooded murder.

Buy link:

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  1. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest on my blog, June.
    You gave some great answers and helpful points. And blue does suit you. :) All the best for your release: "The Apothecary's Daughter".


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