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Welcome to Romance Author - Sherry Gloag

I’m delighted to welcome Sherry Gloag to my blog. 

Hello Sherry. It’s lovely to have you join us. But before we get to hear about your latest release, Queen of Diamonds, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers an insight into some of the things that matter to you.

Sherry: Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Arabella, it’s a pleasure to be here today. I write romance. The wonderful thing about writing romances is that within that single genre there are so many more genres an author can choose from. I write contemporary romance, Regency romance and light paranormal romance. I also like to add a twist of mystery, history and intrigue to my stories so within the three genres mentioned I expand into sub-genres too.
Arabella: Are there any organisations, writing, or reader groups, you belong to? And, how do they support or help you in creating such wonderful, inspirational novels?
Sherry: The RNA ~ The Romantic Novelists’ Association. There are regular meetings and conferences (which due to family health issues I’m unable to attend) members who do attend share info and photos in groups online. The support and friendships are phenomenal.
Facebook has its problems, but again it offers you the chance to join so many groups of like-minded people who share their experiences, good and bad, and I learn so much from them. I could go on but... 

Arabella: Where do you read? Sofa or bed or ____?
Sherry: Pretty much anywhere, except the sofa!  The garden in good weather, my workshop when it is cold but sunny, my bed in the evening are just a few places when at home. If I’m out, like waiting for an appt, I’ll take a book with me.

Arabella: In your latest release, Queen of Diamonds, who is your favourite character and why?
Sherry: Queen of Diamonds is a short, short novella that originally released in a valentine’s anthology many years ago. I did an extensive re-write and had it professionally edited when the rights were returned at the start of this year. It released this March.
I have a soft spot for my hero, Culley. He is so not ready for love when it strikes, and yet after he’s had time to convince himself love at first sight exists, he sets about reeling Sybil in.

Arabella: When writing a novel, how do you work? Are you a plotter or pantser?
Sherry: I am a pantser, in as much I have no idea how the story is going to develop, but over time have found that if I add a brief précis at the end of each chapter to read through before working on the next one and then using the ‘who,’ ‘where’ and ‘when’ brigade I have a rough idea of which direction the next scene is going to take.

Arabella: Which would you prefer to do: 1) spend a morning vigorously working out at the gym, 2) be pampered from head to toe at the spa and beauty salon, 3) indulge and pile on the pounds with a romantic dinner for two?
Sherry: The idea of being pampered is too beguiling to be ignored :-)

Arabella: Which do you prefer to wear: beach shorts and top, a long evening skirt and blouse, pyjamas and slippers?
Sherry: In the context of this question it would have to be ‘beach shorts and top.’ Fortunately for me, I live quite close to the sea with many lovely sandy beaches to choose from locally and further along the coast.

Arabella: We all have a long list of books we keep meaning to read but never have the time for --- which book is a must read for you this summer?
Sherry: The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer to be followed by her most recent release The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows

Arabella: What about your future plans? Any books or series in the making?
Sherry: So far 2019 has been the year of book-rights returned. Four to date, including The Respectable Charades, which was included in last year’s Christmas Regency anthology Nine Ladies Dancing. I spent several months working on extensive re-writes and having it professionally edited again. I also had fun creating the book cover. I hope to release The Respectable Charades shortly. I am also working on the other *returned* books, plus another, new, Regency romance for this year’s ‘Ladies Dancing’ anthology.

Thank you for being a guest on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, Sherry. I’m sure your readers will be delighted to know you are revamping, editing, and republishing some of your novels for them to read and enjoy.
Best wishes and happy romance writing…
Arabella Sheen

About Sherry Gloag:
Best-selling author Sherry Gloag now lives in the beautiful East Anglian countryside in the UK. She spent her childhood in Scotland before moving to the Midlands of England.

After cutting her writing teeth with contemporary romance, Sherry tried her hand at light paranormal. Her next adventure, writing Regency stories, produced her best-selling novel, Vidal's Honor.

When she's not writing, Sherry enjoys walking gardening and her crystal craft work. “It's bit like writing :-) When you're in the 'zone' everything just flows. It's a great feeling.”

Social Media Links:

Blurb - Queen of Diamonds:

After four months of denying his feelings for Sybil Diamond, Culley Maccailin enlists her brother help to set up a poker game between them. He knows Sybil learned the game from her professional poker-playing father, and is just as good.
If he loses, he’ll fold. If he wins… The sky’s the limit.
As far as Sybil is concerned, love sucks. She’s been burned once and isn’t interested in a repeat performance. When her brother sets her up – again – she’ surprised to learn it’s against Cully Maccailin, the only man who’s stirred her heart since her ex-fiance walked out on her.
Let the game begin.

Buy Link:  Queen of Diamonds


Blurb - The Respectable Charades:
When Jenny discovers her fiancé’s body in his library both families blame her for his death. As they scramble to save their reputations in society, no one could have predicted the consequences.
Faced with homelessness or banishment to a country estate, Jenny accepts banishment despite the conditions attached.
Will the facts surrounding her fiancé’s death be exposed? And what will it take to unmask the truth?

Soon to be released… 
Sherry will keep you posted via:


  1. - Sherry Gloag - Thank you for being a guest on Arabella's Blog and Chit-Chat. When you next book a pampering session at the local spa, I might join you. :)
    I hope you had fun with the answers...  
    And best wishes for your latest release, Arabella Sheen

    1. Thanks for your invitation to join you Arabella. it's been fun. And yes, :-) I found some of your questions challenging!

  2. I always like to find out more about fellow authors. Great Q and A. Thanks.

  3. :-) Ros. Yep, some of those questions were quite a challenge! Thanks for coming by.



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