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Welcome to Romance Author - Ros Rendle

I’m delighted to welcome Ros Rendle to my blog.

Hello Ros – And thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat today. It was lovely to connect with you through the Romantic Novelists’ Association. From personal experience, I’ve come to realise the RNA is a great place to find supportive authors and affiliate members with whom to share the writing journey. But before we discover more about your latest release, Flowers that Shattered Stones, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers and followers an insight into some of the things that matter to you…

Arabella: Are there any organisations, writing, or reader groups, you belong to? And, how do they support or help you in creating such wonderful, inspirational novels?
Ros: I have been very active as part of the Deepings Literary Festival committee since its inception in 2016. The library there was in deep danger of closure but following a major petition that went to Downing Street, we managed to save it and it’s more thriving than ever.
I’ve also just started to organise a ‘Read Dating’ event in my local town. You will have heard of Speed Dating. . . well, my event is matching readers with local authors and should also raise some money for our historic Town Hall for its refurbishment.
Until recently I organised and ran a creative writing group, but I’ve handed that over to someone who has come on miles, which is gratifying. I shall be running some courses for an Arts Trust in my local community.
I have received back so much inspiration, especially when I’m feeling it’s a lonely task to be a writer. There are some very talented people out there who are scribbling away for their own pleasure. Through the Litfest, I’ve met several A-list authors as well as many others who are published, which makes them A-list in my view. They, too, are motivating and influential.

Arabella: Where do you read? Sofa or bed or ____?
Ros: Bed – although it’s a guilty pleasure on the sofa during the day. I also read at the hairdresser, dentist, on trains, anywhere really. That’s why I love my Kindle app on phone and iPad. It can go anywhere with me.

Arabella: In your latest release, Flowers that Shattered Stones, who is your favourite character and why?
Ros: Whichever book I’m writing I love the heroine. However, in this book – Flowers That Shattered Stones there are two, one just before and during the Cold War and one in 1975. This is the third book in the Strong Sisters series and Izzy (Iris) is the youngest of three sisters, but she goes from aged 25 to aged 80s through the book. Heather is 25 and works, by necessity, in the Care Home in which Izzy finds herself and through her we learn Izzy’s story. However, Izzy helps Heather to develop and get her life in order. The other two books in the series are Flowers of Flanders and Flowers of Resistance

Arabella: When writing a novel, how do you work? Are you a plotter or pantser?
Ros: Like many, I’m a bit of both, but I certainly don’t plan in detail. I have a couple of sheets of paper with chapter numbers; main plot points; maybe a sentence against some chapters.  I keep a small notebook in which I write salient details of characters, so I don’t forget names, eye colour, etc. It also contains the keyboard shortcuts for French and German accented letters which has been invaluable.

Arabella: Which would you prefer to do: 1) spend a morning vigorously working out at the gym, 2) be pampered from head to toe at the spa and beauty salon, 3) indulge and pile on the pounds with a romantic dinner for two?
Ros: Probably the dinner for two. I’m certainly not a gym person and pampering doesn’t appeal at all. All that touching and rubbing and poking… no! If I have the dinner, I’ll be careful, for a couple of days, walking faster with the dogs, dancing ballroom and Latin an extra couple of sessions.

Arabella: Which do you prefer to wear: beach shorts and top, a long evening skirt and blouse, pyjamas and slippers?
Ros: From that choice PJs and slippers. I don’t tend to dress up unless going to a dance. I do then and enjoy it. Normally, every day it’s jeans and a top. In the summer it’s cut-offs.

Arabella: We all have a long list of books we keep meaning to read but never have the time for --- which book is a must read for you this winter?
Ros: I owe a couple of indie published friends. There’s some real talent there, e.g Julie Stock, Lizzie Lamb and others, too. I must read Another You by Jane Cable. Oh, and there’s some Milly Johnson awaiting my attention. I do enjoy a good who-dunnit, too. I hear Ann Cleeves has a new series started.

Arabella: What about your future plans? Any books or series in the making?
Ros: I’m awaiting all my books to come out with my new publisher, Sapere Books. I’m so pleased to have joined them. I do have paperbacks available through my website.
I stopped writing a contemporary romance set around a ballroom dancing school, in order to complete the Flowers book for which the publisher is asking. It will be great to get back to it. I think some of my time will be taken up with editing shortly, though.

Arabella: Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, Ros. Like me, I’m sure your readers enjoyed discovering a little bit more about your personal life. And I hope you find the time to devour that long list of books you are planning to read.
Good luck with your soon to be released, Flowers that Shattered Stones
All the best, and wishing you lots of happy-ever-after writing.

About Ros Rendle
Having worked as a head teacher, Ros has been used to writing policy documents, essays and stories to which young children enjoyed listening. Now she has taken up the much greater challenge of writing fiction for adults. She writes both historical sagas and contemporary romance; perfect for lying by a warm summer pool or curling up with on a cosy sofa.
Ros is a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association and the Historical Novelists' Society.
She has lived in France for ten years but has moved back to the UK with her husband and dogs. While there, she gained much information which has been of use in her books. They are thoroughly and accurately researched.
Ros has two daughters and four granddaughters with whom she shares many heart-warming activities.

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Blurb for: Flowers of Flanders (Part 1 of The Strong Sisters)

Flowers of Flanders, Ros Rendle’s drama is set before and during the First World War.
Rose rivals her beautiful, mercurial sister for Michael’s love but calculated lies and misunderstandings alter the young peoples’ course. War breaks and Michael is as eager as the others to go.
Maybe Rose will settle for second best with Thom even though she cannot get Michael out of her soul.
Does a man need the grace of serenity to rediscover his own or is it frivolity and seduction he craves when he has been through the darkest places of war? Michael’s experiences in the trenches gradually alter his perceptions.

This is a story about deceit and loyalties, complex relationships and loves developing from youth to adulthood during a cataclysmic time in history.

These are all available as paperbacks via Ros Rendle's website: but will soon be re-released by Sapere Books in e-book form. The last in the series, Flowers that Shattered Stones will be available soon.


  1. Thanks so much for the opportunity to answer some great questions.
    Ros x

  2. Hello Ros - Thank you for being an amazing guest on the blog. I hope you had fun with the answers. Your "Read Dating" project sounds interesting, and good luck with rolling in the pennies and the pounds.
    Best wishes, Arabella

  3. What a lovely interview! And thanks for the mention, Ros. I'm looking forward to reading 'Flowers that Shattered Stones' too having really enjoyed the series so far :)

    1. Hi Julie, Thank you for leaving a comment on Arabella's Blog and Chit-Chat. And I have to agree with you, Ros gave some interesting answers. It was a pleasure hosting her. :)
      Arabella Sheen


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