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Welcome to Romance Author - Emma Jackson

I’m delighted to welcome Emma Jackson to my blog.

Hello Emma – I’ve been looking forward to hosting you on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, and I am eager to learn some of your writing secrets. But before we discover more about your latest release, A Mistletoe Miracle, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers and followers and insight into some of the things that matter to you.

Arabella: Authors can release books, making them available to readers in various ways…via an agent, or working directly with a traditional publisher, or they can even go the self-publishing route. Which method of publishing do you prefer, and why?
Emma: I’m working directly with two different publishers and enjoying the experience immensely. I’ve been able to appreciate that at points it would be very useful to have an agent but at the moment I’m happy without one. I have tried self-publishing in the past but it was a long time ago and I didn’t really know what I was doing!

Arabella: If the person of your dreams, (husband/wife/partner/or superstar), were to take you out for the night, where would they take you and what would you do?
Emma: I’d love to go to Italy or Sicily and have a delicious meal looking out over the sea. If I could enjoy a glass of wine or two with the prospect of being able to sleep in the following day, that would be ideal too. (I have a 7 & 3 year old who are up just after 6am everyday!)

Arabella: Who or what inspired you to write your latest release, A Mistletoe Miracle?
Emma: I live very close to the village of Alfriston in Sussex and back in 2013 I went along with my partner and our daughter to watch their Christmas lights be turned on. It was freezing cold, but such a gorgeous, atmospheric event, and my imagination started working immediately on a Christmas story featuring that kind of setting and event.

Arabella: Currently, what is your most favourite T.V. programme, and why?
Emma: The Long Run starring Idris Elba. It captures precisely the place (London) and the time I grew up in (the 80’s) with such warmth and fondness whilst also being honest about the problems.

Arabella: A slice of Chocolate Cake, a piece of Fruit, or Burger and Fries?
Emma: I wish I could say fruit but chocolate cake!

Arabella: When writing a book or chapter, which do you concentrate on first: plot, character, or setting?
Emma: The character comes first, or characters I should say, because it’s usually how two different ones are interacting that comes to me initially. Often, I can hear them having a conversation or an argument in my head.

Arabella: How do you research your novels and characters?
Emma: Once I’ve got an idea of the personalities of the characters and how their story is going to play out, I draft. Sometimes I stop to research small facts as I go, but often I leave most of it until the end. I like to read books, use the internet and films to give me a feel of settings and visit places if I can – money and time doesn’t always allow that unfortunately! Doing it that way around means that some things about the story usually have to change, but often that will be a positive thing which inspires a new, better turn of events.

Arabella: What advice would you give to someone who is starting out on their writing journey?
Emma: Find other writers you can talk to about the ups and downs of it, wherever best suits you, whether it’s a writer’s group who meet in person or friends you make online. Dedicating yourself to writing - and more specifically to getting published - can be gruelling and the support from other writers, commiserating the rejections, offering to swap chapters with you, and celebrating the good news, can make all the difference.

Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, Emma. I like your idea of researching the finer details and facts of your plot…after…you’ve completed the first draft of your story. At times, it can be annoying to stop the flow of words and research a place or a date when your characters are in the middle of a passionate row!
Best wishes and good luck with your latest release, A Mistletoe Miracle.
Arabella Sheen

About Emma Jackson

A devoted bookworm and secret-story-scribbler since she was 6 years old, Emma Jackson joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association on their New Writers’ Scheme at the beginning of 2019, determined to focus on her writing. She has been overwhelmed by the encouragement given by the published authors and fellow NWS members who are part of the RNA and highly recommends joining to any romance writers looking for support and friendly guidance (there are some bursaries available). When she’s not running around after her two daughters and trying to complete her current work-in-progress, Emma loves to read, bake, catch up on binge-watching TV programmes with her partner and plan lots of craft projects that will inevitably end up unfinished.

A MISTLETOE MIRACLE is her debut novel, published by Orion Dash.

You can follow Emma on:

Book Blurb: A Mistletoe Miracle

At the Everdene Hotel, snowflakes, romance and mayhem are in the air...

A cosy hotel in a sleepy, snow-covered village should be the perfect setting for a Christmas to remember... But for Beth, returning to her childhood home after a disastrous break-up looks more like a festive fiasco.
With her mum stranded in a blizzard and most of the hotel staff off sick, Beth is forced to take the reins, impress a mystery hotel reviewer, and somehow find a way to work with Nick, the very grumpy - and very gorgeous - pilot who is staying for the holidays.
Between mince pie emergencies, deadly decorations, and two dozen disgruntled guests, Beth might just find a miracle under the mistletoe this Christmas...

Heartwarming and hilarious, this is the perfect festive romance to curl up with this winter. Perfect for fans of Heidi Swain and Sue Moorcroft.

Buy Link to Amazon:

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