Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Welcome to RNA - NWS member - Helga Jensen-Forde

I’m delighted to welcome Helga Jensen-Forde, a New Writers’ Scheme member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, to my blog.

For those unfamiliar with the RNA - New Writers’ Scheme, the scheme offers unpublished writers the chance to network with fellow writers, agents and publishers…and includes many more membership benefits.

Hello Helga – Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat, today. As we whizz through a few Questions & Answers, hopefully, readers and followers can gain an insight into some of the things that matter to you as a writer. It's a chance for all of us to get to know you a little as you make your way towards the publication of your novel. So, let's get started... 😊


Arabella:  How did you hear about or discover: The Romantic Novelists’ Association - New Writers’ Scheme?

Helga: As a journalist, I was already a member of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists. Then someone at a writing seminar mentioned The Romantic Novelists’ Association. As I write romance I knew this sounded exactly what I needed in my life. I subsequently discovered the New Writers’ Scheme and, as fiction writing was new to me, I jumped at the chance to join.


Arabella: Egg and Chips, Tea and Cake, or a Chocolate Treat?

Helga:  Oh, for those who know me they will know that answer. Definitely chocolate treats, although tea and cake come a very close second!


Arabella:  What is your romance genre and why have you chosen this particular type of novel to write?

Helga:  I write romantic comedy. I feel quite strongly about this genre because the world can be such a stressful place and, at times, bad things happen. I want to make the world a nicer place with comical stories. My dream is to make people laugh out loud and brighten their day with the comedy I write.


Arabella:  Do you have anyone supporting your writing endeavours? Friends, family, writing groups, etc?

Helga:  I am currently studying for a Creative Writing MA. Through the course there are workshops where the students critique each others writing. This has been an invaluable process. The feedback has been extremely helpful on my second book that I am now writing.

Arabella:  Which season of the year do you most enjoy and why?

Helga:  It depends where I am. Definitely summer in the UK. I lived in Dubai for over twenty years, where the cooler winter months were definitely the best. However, wherever I am, as long as the sun is shining that makes me happy.  

Arabella:  So…you are a member of the RNA’s – NWS which means you are in the throes of writing the next bestseller.

No spoilers and without revealing too much about your plot… (otherwise someone might pinch your great story ideas before they’ve been published… J ) Tell us briefly about the romance you hope to submit to the RNA’s - New Writers’ Scheme for a friendly critique, before approaching an agent or publisher with your completed manuscript.

Helga:  The first chapter of my novel, Temptation at Tiffany’s, was a winning entry at the Emirates Literary Festival Montegrappa First Fiction competition a few years ago. It is about the story of Amelia, a Pinot Grigio and Nutella loving woman (any similarity to me is purely coincidental!) When looking through an old suitcase, Amelia finds the telephone number of a handsome man she met twenty years before, whilst on holiday in New York. Now suddenly single, she considers whether she should track him down and finally agree to that date he asked her on and was too nervous to accept. Let’s just say that what comes next is a transatlantic adventure!


Thank you so much for sharing something about yourself with us, Helga. It certainly sounds as if you’ve had many adventures whilst travelling the world.

Meanwhile, best wishes for any NWS works in progress, and I hope Temptation at Tiffany’s soon finds a home with the romance publisher of your dreams.


About   Helga Jensen-Forde

Helga Jensen-Forde is a Danish/British journalist and author. Her first book, Temptation at Tiffany’s, was a winning entry at the 2017 Montegrappa First Fiction competition at Dubai’s Emirates Literary Festival. The romantic comedy is now with a number of agents and publishers and Helga is currently looking for representation. Whilst waiting to publish Temptation at Tiffany’s, Helga is working on her second book and a Creative Writing MA, whilst continuing to work as a freelance journalist.

Having lived in the Middle East for the past 25 years, the former airline stewardess is now in the UK to complete her MA before deciding where to jet off next.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: Helga Jensen Forde Author

Twitter: HelgaJensenF


  1. Thanks for being a super guest on the blog, Helga.
    Have fun sharing...
    Arabella :)

  2. What a wonderful read, good luck Helga with your MA, sounds like you'll be great and can't wait for your first novel to be published. Best, Angela



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