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Welcome to RomCom Author - Kate G. Smith

I’m delighted to welcome Kate G. Smith to my blog.

Hello Kate – Thank you for joining me on Arabella’s Blog and Chit-Chat. Like you, I too am a member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association and it’s through the RNA that I’ve been able to connect with you and so many wonderful writers and affiliates. But before we discover more about your debut release,
You’ve Got Mail, here are a few questions which will hopefully give your readers and followers an insight into some of the things that matter to you.


Arabella: When writing a novel are there any key traits, such as virtuously good or shamelessly bad, you like to give your characters?

Kate:  I love to have a strong female lead in my books. Perhaps not as strong as she could be to start with, but one who finds her way through the ups and downs of the story and who comes out on top. In You’ve Got Mail, my main character, Gracey, has a lot thrown at her, but it helps her become more assertive and in tune with what she wants in life.

Arabella: A book has a beginning, middle, and an end. When penning your latest release, You’ve Got Mail, which part did you find the hardest to write and why?

Kate: I think for You’ve Got Mail it was the ending. I always have an opening in my head before I start to write a book, and although I’m not a planner I kind of know where the story is heading. For You’ve Got Mail I had a number of different endings all vying for attention and choosing the right one felt like something I absolutely had to get right. So, I took my time with it and sat with the choices for a while. And that’s tricky for someone who likes to write fast and furiously, then edit slowly and methodically.


Arabella: We all have a long list of books we keep meaning to read but never have the time for --- which book is a must-read for you this season?

Kate: I have been lucky to have had the chance to read a few advances author copies of books coming out this year and there have been so many amazing ones it’s very difficult to choose. But I will say I absolutely loved Uncoupling by Lorraine Brown and The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent, both of whom are also debut authors. And, though it’s not a romance, Girl A by Abigail Dean is an astonishing debut and not to be missed.


Arabella: Thinking and planning ahead… Your aim is to organise a two week holiday for you and your family. Given the possibility of global travel restrictions, do you:

a) Play safe and camp in the back garden?

b) Take the risk and book a hotel room and flight abroad?

c) Find another solution for a relaxing two-week break?

Kate:  Definitely camp in the back garden. Although I’m missing my extended family like nothing else, I think staying safe is the best policy. Plus, when I’m not writing, I am a front-line worker for social services and have seen the devastation caused by Covid first-hand. There will be plenty of time for hotels and flights to come—and I miss those greatly too!

copyright Kate Smith

Arabella: As a published author, what advice would you give to someone starting out on their writing journey? In other words, what are the pitfalls a budding novelist should try to avoid?

Kate:  Given that this is my debut, I will say to any budding authors don’t give up, because less than a year ago I was one of you too. Writing is like any other skill; you can’t expect to be amazing at it from the get-go. Just like you wouldn’t sit down at a piano and expect to be able to play Beethoven immediately. Just keep writing!

And if you’re writing romance, join the Romantic Novelists Association. Not only for the opportunities they present to new writers, but also for the supportive and welcoming members. I would not be where I am today without them.

Arabella: What about your future plans? Any books or series in the making?

Kate:  I signed with Orion Dash for a two book deal and I have just submitted my second manuscript to my editor. I’m at that nerve-wracking stage of waiting to hear back so I am checking my emails every five minutes. Something I thought was past me when I signed with an agent and publisher. My second book is another romcom, but I’m not sure I am allowed to say much more than that yet!


Thank you for sharing some of your writing secrets with us, Kate. And I hope you soon have a chance to meet up with your extended family.

Wishing you all the best for your debut release, You’ve Got Mail

About  Kate Smith

Kate G. Smith

Kate Galloway Smith is a writer, editor, and an HCPC registered Occupational Therapist.

A member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Kate can be found writing romantic comedies in Norwich, where she lives with her daughter and their cat and an increasing number of house plants.

You’ve Got Mail is her debut.

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Book Blurb   You’ve Got Mail 


It's been fun, but I think we should stop seeing each other. Thanks for a great laugh x

When Grace Wharton is dumped by email from a relationship she isn't even in, she adds it to the list of ways her life hasn't quite panned out: twenty-five, single, and working a dead-end job she doesn't enjoy. She fires off an angry response to Mr Obnoxious - how dare he try to dump someone over email?! - knowing that telling off a random stranger online means she has reached an all-time low.

Everything changes when her boss asks her to go to a big sales conference to secure an important client. Her partner is Jack Lockett, company Casanova and Grace's long-time crush. What's more, he seems very interested... But Mr Obnoxious keeps sending her emails and Grace keeps replying. Only to make sure he doesn't send any more heart-breaking emails, obviously.

Grace's life has suddenly gone from stagnant to brimming with possibilities. But is it all too good to be true?

A witty, charming and all too relatable debut romcom, You've Got Mail is perfect for fans of Sophie Ranald, Mhairi McFarlane and Joanna Bolouri.

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